Note the missing offensive tackle in the Jets' formation. Could this explain Favre getting sacked 3 times?

Brett Favre. SIGH. 3 sacks and 2 picks (including one returned for 52 yards and a TD by Antonio "Yes, I Am Your Daddy" Cromartie) marred what was otherwise a memorable Monday Night performance -- he completed 30 of 42 for 271 yards and 3 touchdowns. Honestly, it should have been 4 picks, but drops from Clinton Hart and Antonio "Ok, So Maybe I'm Not Always Your Daddy" Cromartie saved Favre from total humiliation. Just barely.

Update: Ok, so maybe embedding video is not my strong suit. Here is a link to the video of Cromartie's interception return. Not to be shared, written about, discussed, or even watched without the express written consent of The NFL.

Brett Favre, Quote Machine. "I thought they schemed very good," quoth The Gunslinger following the game. That's about the level of mastery of the English language I'd expect from an email telling me that I -- I! -- have the rare opportunity to earn $2 million if I will just use my magical American bank account to help some beseiged African prince claim his rightful inheritance. Look, Brett, I can play that game too! I thought San Diego gamed very awesome.

Oh, and speaking of butchering The Queen's English:

These guys. Doing the South Orange Public Schools proud since 1971.


Kellen Clemens. Even worse! Entering for the final Jets possession after Favre rolled his ankle, Clemens threw an end zone interception to Antonio "Just Kidding, I Seriously Am Your Daddy And Your Baby's Daddy Too" Cromartie with just a minute left in the game.

The Philip Rivers interception. So good, it MUST be fattening. As solid as Rivers' play always is, he can always be counted on to throw that one big, juicy interception each game that will leave you wondering how he manages to NOT utterly melt down the rest of the time. This time, it was a pass to Antonio Gates that was picked off by Jets CB David Barrett and returned 25 yards for a touchdown less than 4 minutes into the game. Delish!

thank you KSK for the failtastic screencap

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Blogger Wade Word said...
I was hoping someone would screencap that. The JEST really were a joke last night.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I wanted a picture of scary Phillip Rivers face vs. sad Favaro face.

Anonymous ak dave said...
Yes, the "J-E-S-T" was a total ROFLcopter. I can't believe those toolbags screwed that one up! That's reality-you can't write stuff that good!