Yeah, we know. Runningbacks fumble. Wideouts drop balls. QBs make all sorts of screw-ups. However, we feel like the players get theirs, but the coaches often don't. We think it's time to correct that, so we created Coaching Coups -- the best and the worst of coaches' boners that just don't get enough credit. Well, now they do.

QBs are Exercises in Futility: Brad Childress is pulling Tavaris Jackson in favor of perennial whipping-boy and "veteran backup" Gus Frerotte. Childress defended his position with: "I'm always looking at what's giving us the best opportunity to win. If it's Tarvaris, it's Tarvaris. If it's Gus Frerotte, it's Gus Frerotte. J.D. Booty, it's J.D. Booty." Of course, if the best opportunity to win is to clone 37 Tonya Hardings and jack the other starters and respectable backups in the league, it's probably best not to mention that. Good call, Coach. Because a new QB with the same O-line and receiving core will instantly solve all of your problems. I'm prepared for a lot more of the same out of Minnesota this year: A predictable running game that results in a loss against respectable teams, with a frustrated defense calling it quits in week 10 of the season.

After Damon Huard joined the esteemed ranks of QBs that have suffered concussions, the Kansas City Chefs are now cookin' with Tyler Thigpen. Of course, no matter who does the cooking, nobody is serving up receptions in KC. Or touchdowns. Or wins.

Where are the Buccaneers? Under your Buckin Hat! But they still get the idea of pointless QBs. They're sticking with Brian Griese. Of course, they're winning, so everyone accepts that decision. But with the decrepit Jeff Garcia as your backup, it’s pretty much the missionaries' choice on this one.

starting qbs
Not pictured: Starting Quarterbacks.

The Optimist Award: Mike Holmgren. For coming back to work. With his entire wide receiving line injured, he got desperate and lined up backup QB Seneca Wallace as a receiver. The result? He ruptured his calf. Look Mike, the Seahawks already signed Jim Mora with a start date of 2009. Just show the owners the Aztec calendar and use the script that the writers of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull gave you -- you should be able to convince them it's 2009 and not come back.

The Pessimist Award: Norv Turner. Not that he doesn't have good reason (warning: commentary by Tony Cornholer, but he really looks at the long view: "Anything that we talk about or anything that is discussed in terms of any of the rules or any of the calls, isn't going to change the outcome of that game," Turner said. "That game is going to be 39-38 forever." Of course, the way your team played for the other 58 minutes of the game has no effect on anything. But like any good coach, he can pass along his strongest attributes -- in this case to LT himself: "You know, so many people are affected by it. That's the thing that's most disappointing. Because it's not just us, it's our families, it's the fans." C'mon Ed. Make the call -- NFL families are depending on it!

Giving Credit: Where It’s Due? Obviously Redskins' rookie coach Jim Zorn is new. He still credits players with good decisions: When describing the pivotal play on the winning drive he said, "That was all Jason Campbell. I had nothing to do with that play." Of course, what you expect from a coach that literally trains his QBs with pillow fights.

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Blogger D.J. Foster said...
The "Trent Dilfer Argument" has made many a pre season Super Bowl bet go wrong. Vegas must have just loved it when people were plopping down benjamins to bet on Tavaris freaking Jackson to take Minnesota all the way. Enjoy the Gus Ferrotte era everyone!